Like in fairy tales...

It is known that children look at the world with the eyes of dreams and it is precisely for this reason that Francesca has chosen to create the I CHILDREN collection, to be able to dress them in their moments of wonder.

Like the princesses of their favorite fairy tales, they will be able to choose from a variety of adorable models, including flounces, bows and puffed sleeves and choose the fabric or pattern that makes them dream the most.

The prints are limited edition, and with each of them, in fact, a few pieces can be made, just to keep our philosophy intact, which always distinguishes us, uniqueness!

Precisely for this reason we recommend, if the same design is needed for several girls, to contact us directly in the Atelier and receive specific advice.

Ceremony dresses for children

Bridesmaid dresses, for example, are often coordinated with the theme and color of the wedding and for this reason, with a private appointment, it is possible to create a coordinated stylistic idea and develop it for all the girls who will take part of such a special day.

The i Piccini ceremony collection can also be worn for more formal celebrations such as Baptismo, the First Communion or the Confirmation.

Just like the Francesca Piccini line Bridal And Couture, all the "i Piccini" dresses are handmade and come to life from natural fabrics and French lace.