Once upon a time...

And as in the most beautiful fairy tales, everything must be unforgettable. For this, through the collection Francesca Piccini Couture, the people closest to the bride can choose to wear part of the dream with our wedding dresses.

You can also choose to have a personalized consultation to study the wedding color palette with me, to develop the dresses for the bridesmaid, witnesses and mother of the Bride.

What is it for? To ensure balance around the general image of the bride and, why not, to reinforce the style or theme that the couple have chosen for their wedding day.

Just like for wedding dresses, the protagonists will be the precious materials and the craftsmanship, to create clothes that are also destined to last forever.

If you would like to receive personalized advice, we kindly ask you to come and visit us at least two and a half months before the day of the event.

Ceremony dresses like Poetry to wear

Pastel colors and floral patterns, delicate embroidery and light fabrics, are the key to the collection Francesca Piccini Couture.

A line with a refined and elegant character, which speaks softly but never goes unnoticed. Because you know, the most beautiful things are said in a whisper.

Not only dresses, but also suits and outerwear to give life to looks from the freshest and most romantic to the most classic and formal, perfect for all the women around the bride. 

We can also complete the image with accessories in palettes such as bags, shoes and small costume jewelery.