The watchword here is to make you dream hard, until your head is spinning.

The watchword here is to make you Dream hard, until your head is spinning.

The Atelier Sposa in Naples is a second home for my Art,
a city with an unforgettable heart and soul.

"It is the most important helical staircase in Italy, to frame an experience that will transport you to a suspended world, made of art and poetry."

Palazzo Mannajuolo, synonymous with elegance and beauty, will welcome you to make you live memories that you will always keep in your heart.

With our team, you will be able to view and try on the garments of the current season and the continuous dresses of our Francesca Piccini Bridal line.

Through our stylistic and modeling expertise you will receive real advice allowing you to choose and create with us a tailored and made-to-measure suit for you. 

Milan and Naples are the two cities where I have decided to let you experience this spell.

Atelier Francesca Piccini Napoli. Crea il tuo abito da sposa


To welcome you to the bride atelier in Naples, you will find Serena and Valentina.

With their profound training they will know how to dedicate themselves to you, listening to your desires and caressing your fears.